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Welcome to CVI Pakistan —  CVI is one of the largest  — emerging certification body of the world — a leader —       leading the global village towards an International Management System -       Certificate Range (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000 & ISO       22000 & ISO 27001, Forest Certification Chain of Custody       Certification, Third Party Inspection & CE   Certification)


CVI is a short name for “Certificate Verification International”, an experienced certification body SNAS. CVI is an internationally recognized symbol of Reliability and a well trusted name for Professionalism, Impartiality & Ethical Practices in the field of certification. It provides globally accepted certificates as per international standards which offer the capabilities you need for timely access to International Market.

CVI started its operations in Slovak Republic and has gradually spread its wings to Pakistan, Indian Republic, Czech Republic & Hungary and many other countries.

In PAKISTAN, CVI Pakistan has its office in Defense Housing Authority, Karachi, and specializes in system certification related to Quality Management, Environment Management, Social Accountability, Occupational Health & Safety, Food Safety & Forest & chain of custody, Third Party Inspections and CE Certification.

CVI certification process establishes an organization’s credibility & commitment to management systems, providing necessary impetus of continual improvement in management systems.

CVI certified management system helps an organization to improve its business & organizational effectiveness. It provides necessary impetus of continual improvement of organization’s Management Systems and a competitive edge in own country as well in global markets and opens the doors to untapped domestic & international business opportunities.

CVI Pakistan has increasingly become popular with managers and staff of certified organizations and applicants for certification by its pragmatic and highly cultivated approach to assessment and certification.  

CVI Philosophy:
In today’s competitive world, the awareness level is very high and the organizations are called upon to discharge their obligations to the Management, Environmental, Health, Safety & Social Accountability. To be on track of Excellence, it has become essential to meet requirements of the customer, interested parties, legislation & regulatory bodies and provide products & services which comply with specified requirements & are consistent in Quality. Organizations are expected to be accountable to all stake holders for their decisions and activities which have an impact on Product Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, Social Accountability and economy. In nut shell, it is more appropriate to do business ethically and manage the enterprise more effectively. One tends to gain more with a systems approach.

Professional Approach:
CVI adopts a professional approach while performing conformity verification world wide. It demonstrates its validity in a transparent & straightforward manner. CVI believes in accountability and value addition & looks forward for enhancement of effectiveness of organization’s management system and its capability to meet requirements of the customers, interested parties and regulatory bodies during each assessment.  

CVI is a trusted & globally accepted experienced Certification Body accredited by Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS), a member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF). It offers the capabilities for timely access to International Market & provides globally accepted Certification Services.

Our Credibility:
Our certification body tries harder to be known as a credible partner for its customers, suppliers, financial institutions, public organs and organs of state administration and for all which it gets in touch with.

The basic values of the certification body CVI.

To promote and maintain professional, ethical and sustainable certification practices globally, committed to the continual improvement of our performance focusing on the delivery of value added services to support the customer and their ever changing needs.

To be the globally preferred Certification body through ethical and sustainable auditing

Quality Policy:
1. Audit Realization, suggestions for improvement, independence.
2. Auditors– expertness, education, motivation
3. Customer relation– flexibility, face– to– face contact, partnership
4. Consultants Relation– fair, co-operation
5. Our QMS– utility, improvement
6. International activities– network of branch office

Our Strengths:
We are different from other certification bodies mainly by pragmatic approach to an audit without bureaucracy emphasis. We have already established a quality management system , which we require from a customer.

1. We perform pragmatic audits (without bureaucracy emphasis)
2. All our auditors are people who were quality managers or consultants as well they know certification audits from the auditee position, it enables them to imagine to be in the auditee position and to perform factual and correct audits.
3. Expert auditors (who know the standard of quality management system) we send also specialists from examination scope (people from actual practice ) to audits.
4. We are flexible and fast (in arranging of dates, establishment of records from audits, in certificates issuing and their delivery, solving of problems.
5. Our audits are credible and independent (we co-operate with consultants on the base of partnership, we clarify our explanation of management system standards requirements– we are harmonized)
6. We have own working quality system– we do not require things from others, which we do not do (in the case of your interest we can present our system to you)

 CVI Pakistan Certifications

Certification Range
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 , SA 8000 & ISO 22000 & ISO 27001, Forest Certification Chain of Custody Certification, Third Party Inspections & CE Certification.

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